Mother of innovation
ABOUT ICI Our imagination
moves the world.

The ICI Center is a one-stop platform which provides all resources that imaginative trailblazers seek, as well as being a place for practical application where new products are to be incorporated into society. When passionate, creative minds with unbridled ideas about the future of society receive sufficient support and resources as well as the cooperation of experts, what fruit can we expect to see growing tomorrow?
We at the ICI Center will continue to serve as a partner to trailblazers and to witness the innovations of tomorrow realized.

ICI Center
FACILITY Welcome to the
hub of intellects
where innovative
ideas flow.

The ICI Center was established with complex facilities that accelerate innovation and produce unconventional answers to society’s shortcomings. Here are the details about the new facilities.

ICI Center
Brain Lab

The ICI Lab is the focal center for creating new values, with a network of intelligent minds composed of individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit as well as ambitious enterprises and public organizations. Here, multiple players energize each other and develop open innovation in order to help solve various social problems.

ICI Center
ICI Camp

The ICI Camp is the housing facility which supports users in all things related to learning, working, housing, eating and playing. The ICI Camp also boasts a thoughtfully designed cafeteria, seminar rooms and bedrooms. We provide highflyers with comfortable accommodations and offer them assistance.

ICI OPEN INNOVATION Aiming to create
where new
are developed

Open innovation that mere fantasy is transformed into reality. The ICI Center acts as an innovative platform based on the foundation of an open network. The platform encompasses an open innovation mechanism, in which external ideas and knowledge are positively accepted, rather than simply waiting for a flash of inspiration. In this system, great ideas are discovered; nurtured amid diverse networks; and implemented into existing businesses. Here, new values will be created for the purpose of solving social issues.

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